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Welcome to #OpenDoorInnovation

Welcome to #OpenDoorInnovation, a community committed to driving corporate innovation. We are based in Switzerland, #1 on the Global Innovation Index, while we have open doors globally. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to push for positive change in the corporate world through meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and valuable resources. Join us to advance technology and innovation.

Innovate. Collaborate. Succeed.

Get Involved

For Corporate Innovation Professionals

If you're a seasoned corporate innovation professional, do these 3 simple steps:


1. Implement an #OpenDoorInnovation policy on LinkedIn.

Include the #OpenDoorInnovation hashtag and your areas of expertise in your post. Use the sample post provided or create your own. And add your name to the Directory.

2. Find time to speak with those that reach out.

Use Calendly or a similar tool to easily reserve time. Determine how much time you’ll volunteer - e.g. 1 hour a month, a week, a day, etc.

3. Chat about your experience and answer questions.

Keep your 15-30 min slots casual. Share generously and add your personal story. People appreciate it!

For Corporate Innovation Job Seekers

If you're a job seeker looking to better understand corporate innovation, do these 3 simple steps:


​1. Explore the Directory to find corporate innovation professionals eager to chat and fill out this form.

2. Access additional Resources to kickstart your journey into corporate innovation.

3. Follow us on LinkedIn and become an integral part of #OpenDoorInnovation.

Join us on LinkedIn

Gitanjali follows her niece on LinkedIn, who posted Daniel Hill´s initiative on #OpenDoorClimate. And immediately something clicked in her brain that this is exactly what the corporate innovation community needs. Tünde and Gitanjali are new friends and collaborators, business besties. They both have jobs in innovation. Almost every day they have conversations with many  aspiring to do more work in corporate innovation. Et voila, OpenDoorInnovation!

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