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About Us

Finding Inspiration and Innovation in Every Turn

Gitanjali follows her niece on LinkedIn, who posted Daniel Hill´s initiative on #OpenDoorClimate. And immediately something clicked in her brain that this is exactly what the corporate innovation community needs. Tünde and Gitanjali are new friends and collaborators, business besties. They both have jobs in innovation. Almost every day they have conversations with many  aspiring to do more work in corporate innovation. Et voila, OpenDoorInnovation!

What We Believe In


Knowledge Exchange


#OpenDoorInnovation is a platform for knowledge exchange. We believe in the power of collaboration and the synergy that arises when like-minded professionals come together to share their insights and experiences.

Authentic Success


Success is not just about achieving goals; it's about doing so authentically. We encourage practices that lead to genuine success, acknowledging the importance of ethics, integrity, and social responsibility.

Diversity and Equity


We believe that diverse perspectives are essential for fostering true innovation. Our community is committed to creating an inclusive environment that values and embraces diversity.

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