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Corporate Innovators

Join the #OpenDoorInnovation movement. Help get more people working in corporate innovation with a simple 15-minute chat.​The #OpenDoorInnovation community is a group of corporate innovation professionals who are actively making ourselves available to speak with those pursuing a career in corporate innovation. By joining the community, we are volunteering to implement an open door policy to have a brief chat(s) with someone looking to enter the field. Browse the Directory of corporate innovation professionals that have already joined and add your name.


I'm implementing an #opendoorinnovation policy for anyone wanting to chat about pursuing a career in corporate innovation. If you're considering working in corporate innovation but not sure what that looks like, please comment below. I might not be able to speak to everything or answer every question, but I'll share what I do know. Learn more about the #OpenDoorInnovation movement. 

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